The Taney County Circuit Court is implementing the state’s new Show-Me Jury online system this month, which will provide a more convenient communication link between the courts and prospective jurors.

Starting this week, Taney County residents being considered for jury duty will begin receiving a Show-Me Jury questionnaire instructional form in the mail. Once received, residents will be instructed to log onto to complete their juror qualification forms. 

While completing the form, people will be able to choose their preferred method of communication with the court, whether it be by postal service, email or text message, according to a press release from Taney County Circuit Clerk Amy Strahan.

“A big benefit to the public will be the ease of contacting and communicating with the courts, and in particular, the jury supervisor,” Strahan said in a press release. “Although Show-Me Jury is not completely paperless, it allows our potential jurors to do more online and choose how they want the court to let them know if they have been excused or disqualified for serving or if their service has been postponed or canceled.”

On top of asking the basic questions like age, felony convictions and citizenship, the questionnaire will also give potential jurors who believe they’re not qualified for jury service instructions on how to submit the necessary documentation electronically, said the release.   

In an interview, Strahan explained that for people without access to the internet, there are still a few ways they can complete these questionnaires. 

“We are also going to be speaking with the libraries in Branson and Forsyth and letting them know that this could be something where people might be coming to them more, because we are going to use them as a suggested place for them to go to get online,” said Strahan. “They can have someone in their family who’s able to do that for them, help them through that process, or they can let us know and we can send them a paper qualification form, which they would then return to us like before.”

Both the Forsyth Library or Taneyhills Community Library offer computer and internet access at a rate of $1 for 45-60 minutes of use. Library employees and/or volunteers can offer technical support, but cannot assist residents in filling out the online questionnaire, according to the release. 

“Jury Duty is critical to the courts and our community, we truly appreciate the willingness of our citizens to serve as jurors,” Strahan said in the release.

Strahan said that she wanted to make the public aware of this new questionnaire system in advance to assure residents that it’s not a scam. She also said there are a couple of types of scams, and the public needs to beware of those types of scams.

“The Missouri Courts in general do not require anyone to provide confidential information over the telephone or by email,” said Strahan. “We would never call or email to threaten fines or jail time for failure to comply with something in regards to the jury qualification forms. If you ever receive a call asking for money stating that they’re the court … asking for money or personal information, we would ask that you report that to the local law enforcement and also feel free to let us know.”

Potential jurors who would prefer not to communicate with the courts electronically can call the local circuit clerk’s office at 417-546-7230 to request a paper copy to fill out. 

Visit for additional juror qualifications and information.

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