Dr. Hirschi

Reeds Spring Superintendent Cody Hirschi talks with community members at a Table Rock Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Luncheon Aug. 29.

New Reeds Spring Superintendent Cody Hirschi shared district news and updates at the Table Rock Lake Chamber of Commerce luncheon Aug. 29.

Hirschi has been transitioning into the Reeds Spring school district since Dec. 2018 and officially took over as superintendent in July.

“We’re going to take our district to even greater heights because of the people in this room and the people that are working with our kids,” said Dr. Hirschi when discussing and highlighting his administration team, staff and facility. “I feel our employees are my greatest tool for learning.”

Here’s what Hirschi said he is doing in his new position:

–Having board and administrative retreats.

–Meeting with every employee in the district one on one.

–He is riding every bus. “How can I serve students in the district if I don’t know where they come from,” he said.

–He is visiting classrooms - he wants to be visible and be present.

–He’s working with community organizations.

–He’s introducing a forum called ‘Hanging with Hirschi,’ where parents can have a direct line of communication with the superintendent. 

“This isn’t Cody’s district, this is a district for our kids and we serve our community,” stated Hirschi.

“Our best resources are the teachers, parents, custodians, bus drivers and on and on, that work day in and day out with our kids,” said Hirschi.

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