A proposed development to build workforce housing in Branson received the support of the board of aldermen Thursday.

Aldermen passed a resolution of support for a proposal from Branson Affordable Homes Development LLC. The group is seeking to develop affordable workforce housing in the area off Fall Creek Road around Country Bluff Drive.

Speaking to the board during a July 18 study session, Debra Hart, member with Branson Affordable Housing LLC., said the development is looking to be funded using CDBG-DR funds and low-income housing credits.

The application for credits, Hart said, is competitive, so having community support is vital.

“If you don’t have community support and you don’t have support from your elected officials, you’re not going to get a project funded.” Hart said July 18.

Aldermen expressed their support for the project during the study session and Tuesday’s meeting.

“Seeing folks in this who are trying to live in this community in that $10, $11, $12, $13 an hour price range. We flat-out don’t have housing for that group,” Alderman Kevin McConnell said. “Long-term stays aren’t the answer, we understand that, it hasn’t been and won’t be.”

“This is one of the most exciting things I’ve seen in the last two years. I’m in full support of it.”

In March of 2019, RDG Planning & Design  presented the results of a study commissioned by Taney County Partnership that showed a lack of affordable housing for households making less than $25,000 a year.

“It’s an interesting mix you have here in the county because you have some markets that have serious affordability issues, and we have some other areas that have some undervalued markets, which makes it pretty challenging to create secure investments for individuals,” Amy Haase, principal with RDG Planning & Design said in March. “We also see this growing demand for additional workforce housing and the cost of infrastructure to develop that housing and where it is and isn’t affordable to do that.”

According to Hart, the application deadline is in September and Branson Affordable Homes Development LLC will find out if they will be awarded tax credits in November. From there, Hart said it should take around six months to finalize construction documents and close shovel-ready.

“Once that happens the construction process will be 12 to 14 months,” Hart said.

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Putting these low valued homes in an area that has home values that are in some cases twice as much and more is not a good idea. Also, adding to the heavy traffic that is already on Fall Creek Rd., is also a bad idea. Living off of Fall Creek Rd I know first hand, how people fly down it and it is hard to pull onto and off of at times. I have been in the position some of these folks are in, and do agree there is a need. But feel strongly, they should be built in a area with similar priced homes and better traffic flow.

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