Justin Iwasko

A Springfield man is in jail accused of shooting at a passing car in Branson.

According to a court affidavit, Justin Alexander Iwasko, 33, fired a Glock 17 pistol at the vehicle shortly after an dispute in which Iwasko pointed the gun at the driver and placed the muzzle up against the victim’s chest.

The alleged incident took place June 3 on Green Mountain Drive near Keeter Street, according to the affidavit. 

Iwasko reportedly placed the Glock’s muzzle against the man’s chest and uttered something unrecognizable.

The victim told Branson police he then drove off, heading east on Green Mountain Drive. He also told police he eventually realized he was driving the wrong direction, so he turned around. When he drove past Iwasko again, Iwasko got in the street in front of the car and only moved at the last second to avoid being struck. Iwasko, according to the report, fired his gun at the vehicle, hitting the rear window.

There was also a passenger in the vehicle, according to the report.

In a post-Miranda interview with police, Iwasko said he confronted the victim because those in the vehicle had been yelling at Iwasko’s wife. He said that when the man drove by, Iwasko had his hand on his pistol, holding it little out of its holster. As the car went by, Iwasko told police, it struck his hand, causing the gun to go off in his pants. He said the round went into the ground at his feet.

After that, according to the report, Iwasko was scared so he ran to a nearby inn, unloaded the gun, then he washed it at a friend’s house.

According to the report, when police saw the gun, it was wet and appeared it had not been fired.

Iwasko is in the custody of Taney County Jail in lieu of $150,000 bond, according to an online jail roster.

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