Silver Dollar City’s annual mid-year festival, Star-Spangled Summer, kicked off last week at the 1880s-themed, internationally awarded theme park, which is celebrating its 59th season this year.

In addition to all the fun things Silver Dollar City is known for, 2019 sees Silver Dollar City celebrating “The Year of Shows and Festivals,” which features a year-long lineup that strongly builds on “Branson’s famed tourism industry of live entertainment and production shows,” with a “new era of even bolder entertainment.”

During Star-Spangled Summer, new shows and entertainers are joining the lineup, which is headlined by an all new, million dollar production show, “Reuben’s Swashbuckling Adventure.” This Broadway-style musical was created exclusively for Silver Dollar City.

“This is probably the most fun 35 minutes you’ll spend in a theme park, besides riding rides,” said Vice President of Entertainment Events and the show’s Writer and Executive Producer Brad Schroeder. “In fact, there is so much to watch, to listen to and to laugh at, I promise there will be people who say ‘I saw it once, but I don’t think I caught everything, so I need to see it again.’”

“Reuben’s Swashbuckling Adventure” following a young Ozarkian boy in the 1880s who is transported into a fanciful dreamscape spanning a giant pirate ship, a lush, sprawling and “expensive” forest, a wayfarer camp and more, all while he is searching for his destiny. This family-focused musical inhabits the park’s 1,000-seat Opera House, which allowed the producers to pair classic theatrical tricks with modern, advanced technologies, including a massive LED screen, nearly one-thousand square feet in area. 

“It took us three years to get this from concept to the stage,” said Schroeder, who helped bring the original musical productions, “A Dickens’ Christmas Carol” and “It’s A Wonderful Life” to the stage.

“It also took three semis to bring in all the scenery from Chicago, it’s that big.”

Speaking of big, Schroeder said there are 14 different cast members who perform in the show, including two different actors splitting time portraying Reuben.

“There were a couple of cast members we recruited from out of state, but most of them are from here, and also work in our Christmas productions, so we asked them if they’d like a summer gig,” Schroeder said with a laugh. “We are really blessed to have such a great cast.”

“Reuben’s Swashbuckling Adventure” takes the stage three times a day, except Mondays, throughout the summer festival.

Also new for summer is a show featuring the world’s youngest magician and illusionist, Kid Magic, starring Kadan Bart Rockett and Brooklyn, direct from a run on “America’s Got Talent.” Clean comedian, magician and juggler Greg Bennick will also perform shows, as will groups including Southern Raised, the Farnum Family, the Dixie Jubilee. Plus, the new “Dance Explosion” show, where clogging joins the likes of stomp, tap and other dance disciplines

Also during Star-Spangled Summer, the park will feature all the rides and attractions they’re known for, including last year’s sensation, the Time Traveler, a  $26 million, record-breaking coaster billed as the “world’s fastest, steepest and tallest complete-circuit spinning roller coaster.” The Time Traveler features a 360-degree controlled spin that delivers high dimension, sensations and perspectives that differ with every car, every ride, every time.

Another record-breaking coaster, Outlaw Run, is also still calling the park home. Outlaw Run was voted Best New Ride of 2013 worldwide and featured in Guinness World Records 2015 for Steepest Drop. Additional rides range from the still-launching PowderKeg and the multi-looping roller coaster WildFire, the timeless Fire in the Hole, an authentic steam train and themed ride areas such as Fireman’s Landing with 10 family attractions.

Star-Spangled Summer at Silver Dollar City began June 8 and runs through the summer until July 21. Following Star-Spangled Summer, the park will again host one of its most popular run of dates with Midnight and Moonlight Madness for 16 straight days from July 20 through Aug. 4, before making way for Southern Gospel Picnic Aug. 22-Sept. 2.Visit

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