Many trees were uprooted by the May 29 hail and wind storm, including this one along BB Highway in Hollister.

Due to the quick efforts of the Taney County Road and Bridge Department, approximately 10 roads across the county, blocked by downed trees and power lines were reopened shortly after being shut down on May 29.

Taney County experienced a quickly moving storm system that left damage to homes, vehicles, schools and other property due to wind-blown, golf ball to baseball-sized hail, 75-mile-per-hour winds and heavy rainfall. 

When the storm ended, Taney County road crews jumped into action and began efforts to clear fallen trees from roads, including Coon Creek Road, Harp Lane, Amaryllis Road, Gobblers Knob and Rustic Acres Road. 

Taney County Road Administrator Devin Huff said crews removed around 50 downed trees and had all blocked roadways reopened by 4:30 p.m.

“I brought in crews from other areas that were not impacted. We all grouped up and that’s how we got it done that quick,” said Huff. “From the Hilda Barn and Buchanan Barn, those areas were not impacted in their district. We had around 25 guys probably. 

“We had equipment backhoes and mini-excavators helping to get them out of the road quicker.”  

In an emergency situation, such as Wednesday’s storms, Huff said his crews are always prepared to jump into action. He said crews have chainsaws in just about every vehicle and are ready to go.

When the storm hit, Huff said he had crews out on site working on the Coon Creek Road Project. 

“They got undercover as quick as they could,” he said. “Some of the vehicles that couldn’t (get under cover), they had quite a bit of damage. 

“Windshields broke, and (there was) hail damage on the body of the vehicles, but nobody got hurt.”

Huff said Journagan Construction will begin the paving phase of the Coon Creek Road project soon, weather permitting. During paving the road will be reduced to one lane and drivers should expect delays. Huff said he’ll announce an official paving start date in the near future. 

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