The Taney County Regional Sewer District Board of Trustees approved a resolution to adopt a new masterplan at their meeting on Dec. 17.

The TCRSD Masterplan was created in 2000 and offered the first comprehensive view of the county’s needs for regional waste water treatment facilities and central sewers. 

Since the creation of the masterplan, it received a large update in 2007 and two smaller updates in 2008 and 2009. Since that time, there have been no updates to the masterplan, which is why it was such a huge accomplishment to have this new update approved, according to TCRSD Administrator Brad Allbritton.

“That masterplan was completed in house by myself and other staff members,” said Allbritton. “We’ve been working on that for that last two, really about three years. 

“To wrap it up today and get the board to approve a resolution adopting that as the updated masterplan is a good feeling. It will serve us well in the next several years as we look to sewer other areas in the county.”

With the update, the masterplan now includes 26 capital projects. Allbritton shared that those projects include older projects that have been updated with new information and new projects that have yet to be included in the masterplan. He also explained that they will use the updated masterplan to determine what projects the TCRSD tackles following the completion of the districts current capital projects, which include Big Bear, Venice on the Lake, Turkey Creek and Ridgedale.

“In a year or two’s time, we’ll be pulling out the masterplan and looking at where to go next,” said Allbritton. “We’ll start on the engineering and easement acquisition process of that.” 

Allbritton added that the updated plan also has a section for private facilities and gives a brief evaluation of the 42 private treatment facilities in the county that are still in operation. 

“Those are typically subdivision or resort type treatment facilities that are smaller type flows,” he said.  “A plan was developed in accordance with the future capital projects, the 26 projects that I mentioned, most all of those 42 private facilities are included in some future project.”

Rounding out the updated masterplan is a user rate study completed by Allbritton, projecting how the TCRSD rates could be impacted as new projects come online in the next few years. 

Before the masterplan was presented to the board, Allbritton hosted a public meeting on Dec. 3 to give county residents the chance to ask questions and learn more about the proposed updates to the masterplan.

“We strive to be transparent in all that we do and we wanted the public to have ample time to review and comment on that,” Allbritton said. “We did hold a public informational meeting and we did have several people attend that meeting. We answered all the questions and comments we did receive.”

Ahead of the Dec. 17 board meeting, county residents were also given the opportunity to ask questions and comment on the updated masterplan during the public hearing portion of the meeting. 

Allbritton said he also wanted to remind residents that the financing for sewer projects is only made possible because of the Taney County Half-Cent Sewer Sales Tax. The tax was initially passed in 1993 and re-approved in 2000.

“Thankful for the half-cent sewer sales tax in Taney County that everyone pays into,” he said. “It’s such a blessing for us at the county. Without it we wouldn’t be able to do all these projects to protect our waters in the county.”

That tax is also scheduled to sunset in September of 2023.

“If that tax is reimposed, then we’ll continue with the plan to complete projects many of them being here in this masterplan,” Allbritton said. “We’ll use the masterplan as a guide to guide us as to where to go next.”

The updated masterplan report, alongside additional information, can be found online at  

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