The Taney County Regional Sewer District Board is moving forward with phase one of a long-planned Turkey Creek Sewer Project. 

In 2014 the sewer district began doing preliminary engineering studies on the Turkey Creek project, as well as the Ridgedale Sewer Project. 

District Administrator Brad Allbritton said plans for these projects began when the Branson Creek development, Big Cedar Lodge and Top of the Rock areas all began to really take off.

“The district decided to pursue, design and eventually construct a sewer interceptor that would leave the Hollister treatment facility – where the district has pretty substantial capacity available – and put a sewer interceptor line up Turkey Creek to pick up the Branson Creek development, to pick up the Big Cedar Lodge/Top of the Rock developments, pick up Country Farm Estates subdivision area and to set ourselves up to pick-up Branson Cedar’s Resort … and portions of the Oakmont subdivision,” said Allbritton.

Allbritton said that, going forward, the project will be split up into phases, and phase one will consist of two separate projects. 

“The first (phase) being the Turkey Creek interceptor project, which goes from the Hollister treatment facility out to Branson Creek development and on to the south and then west connecting with what we call the Ridgedale Sewer Project and that will be just north of Carlton Road,” said Allbritton.

“The Ridgedale project will go on up Carlton Road and then eventually down Fruit Farm Road to pick up Country Farm Estates as well as to be able to receive the flow from Big Cedar Lodge and Top of the Rock.”

Allbritton explained that Big Cedar Lodge has already constructed some infrastructure to get their wastewater up to U.S. 65 and will be constructing a few more lift stations. That infrastructure will be used to take the Big Cedar wastewater to the interceptor lines and then onto the Hollister Wastewater Treatment Facility. 

He added that the infrastructure built by Big Cedar Lodge will also allow the district to do a sewer project in the future that would serve the residents of the Oakmont Subdivision and would pick up the Paradise Point treatment facility. 

Since the Turkey Creek Sewer Project has been development for five years, and according to Branson Tri-Lakes News Archives had an original completion date of Dec. 31, 2018, Allbritton confirmed that there has been a few challenges along the way. 

“The original plan was to put an interceptor along Turkey Creek from the Hollister Treatment Facility, which sits right alongside Turkey Creek, … and put that interceptor up the creek, go on out to pick up Branson Creek and go on out towards the Branson Airport,” said Allbritton.

When the interceptor plan became too difficult, they considered constructing a regional wastewater treatment facility. Allbritton said they ultimately scratched that plan as well and designed the current project plan.

“It will be easier to construct. It will be cheaper to construct,” Allbritton said. “It will be easier to maintain, instead of having a gravity line down in the creek that we potentially have problems with in the roughest part of Turkey Creek, which is all south of the Branson Creek boulevard bridge and near the airport.”

During the sewer district board meeting Oct. 15, the board accepted and approved two construction bids for the first phase of the Turkey Creek project.

“The first phase includes a terminal lift station at the Hollister treatment facility and (laying) a little over 10,000 feet of 27-inch sewer interceptor line alongside Turkey Creek from the Hollister treatment facility out to the Branson Creek development,” said Allbritton. “That was what we considered phase one. That was broken up into two contracts. The lift station was contract one and contract two was the interceptor pipe contract.”

The lift station contract was awarded to R.L Persons Construction out of Popular Bluff for the low bid amount of $995,999. The interceptor pipe contract was then awarded to Flat Creek Excavating out of Branson West for a low bid amount of $3,922,926.47.  

Allbritton said both of the contracts are 12 month contracts and he believes phase one construction should start around the first week of December. He added that approximately 900 connections, combined from the Branson Creek Development, Big Cedar Lodge and Top of the Rock, will benefit from the completion of the Turkey Creek and Ridgedale sewer projects. 

The estimated cost for the Turkey Creek Sewer Project is $10 million and the Ridgedale Sewer Project is $4.35 million, said Allbritton. These sewer projects are financed by the Taney County Half Center Sewer Sales Tax. 

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