Joshua Miloszewski

A Merriam Woods man is accused of assaulting a deputy, and attempting to assault a judge and an attorney during a court hearing.

Although the incident happened in December, Joshua Stanley Miloszewski, 29, was charged in late March, according to court documents.

Miloszewski, who was in court Dec. 13, 2017 on charges for a domestic assault, is accused of causing a disturbance in court. According to a police report from the Taney County Sheriff’s Office, Miloszewski was before Associate Circuit Judge R. Tiffany Yarnell for his arraignment. Miloszewski was talking, and would not listen to the judge, so a deputy asked him to be quiet. Instead, he kept getting louder, so Yarnell motioned for the deputy to get Miloszewski out of the courtroom.

As the deputy was trying to lead Miloszewski by the arm to a holding cell, Miloszewski resisted and yelled at the judge and an assistant prosecutor, Thomas Kondro. The deputy continued to push Miloszewski to the door to a holding cell. When they got to the door, the deputy had to use her right hand to open the door, and her left hand and arm to keep Miloszewski from “going toward” the judge, the prosecutor and a court clerk who was sitting at her desk by the door.

The deputy did manage to get Miloszewski through the door and into a holding cell. From there, two deputies came and took Miloszewski back downstairs to the jail, “and he resisted all the way down to the jail,” according to the report.

The deputy then went to a medical facility where she learned she had a fracture in her left hand, the report stated.

Miloszewski is charged with the class B felony second-degree assault of a special victim. Last week, he waived his right to formal arraignment and is now scheduled for a preliminary hearing May 3 before Associate Circuit Judge Eric Eighmy, who was appointed after Yarnell recused herself from the case.

The reason Miloszewski was in court in the first place is because he was facing two felony charges: third-degree domestic assault, and resisting arrest; and four misdemeanors: second-degree endangering the welfare of the child, third-degree kidnapping, fourth-degree domestic assault, and second-degree property damage.

In that case, according to court documents, when deputies attempted to place Miloszewski under arrest, he resisted being handcuffed, and he yelled over deputies as the deputies attempted to tell him why he was under arrest for domestic assault and child endangerment. (At this time, the Branson Tri-Lakes News has chosen not to include specific accusations regarding domestic abuse, to help protect the identity of the victims.)

Two deputies grabbed Miloszewski’s arms and got him into the patrol vehicle. In the seat, Miloszewski then placed his legs outside the door to prevent the door from being closed.

According to court documents, a deputy told Miloszewski to get his legs in the door, but he refused. The deputy first tried to push Miloszewski’s legs into the car, and then he tried to use his elbow “to apply pressure to the common peroneal nerve on Joshua’s right leg” to get him to move, but with no success.

A deputy then told Miloszewski he would use a stun gun on him. The report states that Miloszewski told the deputy to go ahead and use the stun gun, because he would not comply. The deputy then applied a drive stun (applying the stun gun without using the projectiles) to Miloszewski’s lower leg. The report says Miloszewski immediately pulled his legs inside the vehicle and the deputy was able to shut the door.

In this case, Miloszewski was arraigned a week after his alleged court disturbance. On April 2, he waived his right to a preliminary hearing and the case was bound over to circuit court. On April 12, he pleaded not guilty.

Miloszewski is also facing a hearing May 31 regarding a felony drug charge for which he was serving five years probation.

Miloszewski is being held in the Taney County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bond.

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