Forsyth High School junior Nathan Guy is the newest member of the Forsyth Park Board.

The Forsyth Park Board has a new member and he’s still in high school.

In August, the Forsyth Board of Aldermen approved the appointment of Forsyth High School student Nathan Guy to the park board. 

Forsyth Park Board President and Ward II Alderman Greg Dougherty presented the appointment recommendation to the aldermen, but said the idea to bring a high schooler onto the board was suggested by Forsyth Finance Officer Angela Leist.

“(Angela) thought, well, it might be nice to have a fresh viewpoint or a younger viewpoint and maybe we should ask someone from the high school, an upperclassman, to join the park board,” said Dougherty. “It would help them, probably, if they’re going to college with a resume for college, because it’s kind of a community activity.”

As Dougherty works as a science teacher for the Forsyth High School, he said he began putting together a list of potential candidates, and that’s when Guy’s name popped up.

 “First of all, he’s a very intelligent young man, very respectful and responsible. So we knew that he would probably be at all the meetings, whereas we’ve had trouble with adults not making the meetings,” said Dougherty. “I thought he would be a pretty good fit. There’s a lot of characteristics about Nathan that made him a good candidate.”

Dougherty adds that the board is hopeful that by welcoming in Guy, he’ll be able to offer the board the viewpoint of someone younger and actively using the park. Guy, a junior at Forsyth, said he believes he can do just that and plans offer them the perspective of someone still in high school.

“Obviously they went through high school, but being more of that next generation and incorporating, not necessarily a different point of view, but just being able to reach out to students and know what students today are into,” said Guy. “What students today are doing for activities and what they would like to see at the park.”

Earlier this month Guy attended his first meeting and said he’s already got plans for what he would like to bring to the table.

“I plan to bring students from the high school and clubs and activities that are in the high school to participate in the parks,” said Guy. “I’m a member of the FFA and am one of the leaders of that, and the FFA has activities they put on. I’m going to work on trying to put FFA activities on at the park and to get them to get out their gloves to do stuff at the park or work with the park board.”

Guy also said he hopes anyone who hasn’t already would go out to Shoals Bend Park to see what it has to offer. Dougherty said Guy has also shared with him that he would like see a walking trail put in and plans to use his resources with the Agriculture Department to identify some trees to plant at Shoals Bend Park that wont be eaten by deer. 

The Forsyth Park Board meets the first Wednesday of every month at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall. Meetings are open to the public.

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Wow! This is great for Nathan! He may pull some strings to make this park truly amazing!

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