A traffic stop in Branson led to the discovery of mail believed to belong to 52 individuals from the area.

According to a probable cause statement, a Branson police officer conducted a traffic stop in the same area in which he was responding to a burglar alarm. Tevor Lawson, 22, of Branson, was listed as the driver of the vehicle, while Jessie Ussery, 26, also of Branson, and Briana Birchfield, 19, of Forsyth, were listed as passengers.

The officer conducted a search of the vehicle after obtaining probable cause due to open intoxicants and the odor of marijuana, according to the report. Inside, the officer discovered six identification cards for multiple people, six blank checks labeled to various owners, nine checks that appeared to be forged, 12 credit/debit cards labeled to different owners and two social security cards labeled to different owners. 

Additionally, the probable cause statement states, the search resulted in the discovery of numerous forms of mail belonging to area residents. None of the items were listed as belonging to Lawson, Ussery or Birchfield, according to the statement.

A social media post by the Branson Police Department notes the mail potentially belonging to 52 individuals.

According to the social media post, investigators are working with the United States Postal Inspectors to return the mail.

The statement also lists the officer discovered substances suspected to be methamphetamine, marijuana and other drug paraphernalia. The statement lists the trio did not claim ownership of the contraband.

According to the statement, the three are charged with four felonies, including trafficking in stolen identities, and a misdemeanor.

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