A Branson resident is calling for the formation of a music and theatre commission in the city.

Marshall Howden, a member of Branson’s planning commission, spoke before the Branson Board of Aldermen Tuesday during the section for public comment. He asked the aldermen to consider the formation of a board focused on theatre issues.

“Our industry needs to unite rather than forming separatist groups,” Howden said.

Howden, who recently lost an election bid for Ward I alderman, cited similar boards in communities like Houston, Seattle and Nashville.

“I believe a commission like this could be a great asset to Branson,” Howden said. “Our competitors have it, it would unite the industry and it would be transparent and open to our citizens.”

Howden also stressed the council would serve strictly in an advisory capacity.

“These councils write reports, entertainment state-of-the-unions, if you will, but never discount the importance of symbolism,” he said. “This committee could heal some of our local divides, shed light on some important theatre-based issues and even institute honorary gestures to celebrate our past, such as streets named in honor of our legends as well as local days of remembrance.”

The aldermen typically do not vote on issues raised during public comment.

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tallie jones

No special interest groups. No show commission.


Tourism and show built Branson. Tourist dollars fund Branson. I believe that Mr. Howdon has a viable ideal that could be useful and productive as it would be advisory only and give a platform for the airing of differing points of view. I believe it's worth a try.[thumbup]

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