Property for the future home of the village of Kirbyville City Hall was purchased this month by the Kirbyville Board of Trustees.

The village of Kirbyville is gearing up to make a big change to its small town.

Anyone driving through the city limits of Kirbyville in recent weeks may have a noticed that a large yellow sign, which reads “Future Home Of: The Village of Kirbyville City Hall,” has been placed on the vacant property next door to the Kirbyville Veterinary Clinic. As of this month, the Kirbyville Board of Trustees is now the deed holder to that piece of property.

Since it’s incorporation on June 4, 2001, the board of trustees has held its monthly meetings in the basement of the Hilltop Church of God. Kirbyville City Clerk Amy Chamberlin said the game plan is to create an official place for the board to meet and host other city business.

“We’re not planning on building yet. We just secured the property. The board of trustees are very excited,” said Chamberlin. “At this point, the village of Kirbyville has its own home now, so to speak. They’ve got a piece of property that they’re going to eventually build a city hall on, and that’s something that will hopefully help to move the city forward.”

Regarding how long it will take before construction begins on the building, Chamberlin said that they are unsure of the timeline.

“It’s going to take a little bit of research in the sense that we need to get some grant funds in order to help us complete the project,” Chamberlin said. “Being that we’re so small and haven’t used that service very much, it’s going to require a little bit of digging, so to speak, to find the right person for a grant writer and figure out what grants are out there that are available to us in order to assist us in paying for the building, the parking lot, utilities and things like that.”  

Kirbyville Chairman of the Board Bobby Fausett said the board is excited to get started and shared what they would like to see in a building. 

“Our plans are to have it big enough to where we can have a fellowship room in there,” said Fausett. “I don’t know how big, but we’re going to have (enough room) to meet there and have offices. Plenty of room.”  

Both Fausett and Chamberlin shared that building a city hall facility is something that the board has wanted since the village became incorporated.

“We have a pretty small set of corporate city limits. So the options to buy land have not been very reasonable or realistic up to this point,” Chamberlin said. “Being a municipality, we’re only able to offer what the assessed value of the property is. We cannot offer more. Which makes it kind of a challenge, because most of the properties along (Highway) 76 and in the corporate city limits, people are asking for a lot more.”     

But as luck would have it, Chamberlin explained that the members of the board were able to visit with the property owners, who agreed to sell the property to them at its assessed value. 

Once grant funding has been secured and the project is ready to begin, the board plans to host an official ground-breaking ceremony for the public to attend.

“I’m just personally really proud and happy for the residents that their city is going to have an independent place to be,” said Chamberlin. “It seems like a good stepping point for growth, and so I’m just super excited about it.”

The Kirbyville Board of Trustees meets the third Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. in the basement of the Hilltop Church of God on Rustic Acres Road in Kirbyville. The public is welcome to attend those meetings.  

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