In just a few days, candidates can begin filing for the April municipal elections, which kicks off the 2020 election season.

Starting Dec. 17, candidates can file for city aldermen and mayor positions, as well as school board positions. The filing deadline for municipal elections is Jan. 21, according to the Missouri secretary of state’s office.

The election will be held April 7.

However, even before the municipal elections are held, candidates can begin filing for county and state primary elections in August and general elections in November.

Candidates can file for county primary elections from Feb. 25 to March 31. The primary election is Aug. 4. The winners of the primaries face off in the general election Nov. 3.

In Taney County, the following positions will be up for election. All are four-year terms.

–Assessor, currently held by Chuck Pennel

– Coroner, currently held by Tony Mullen

– Commissioner (Western), currently held by Brandon Williams

– Commissioner (Eastern), currently held by Sheila Wyatt

–Public Administrator, currently held by Carol Davis

–Sheriff, currently held by Jimmie Russell

– Treasurer, currently held by Melanie Smith

In Stone County, the following county positions will be up for election:

–Assessor, currently held by Matt Daugherty

– Coroner, currently held by John Cunnyngham

–Commissioner (northern), currently held by Wayne Blades

–Commissioner (southern), currently held by Hank Smythe

–Public Administrator, currently held by Wendy Metcalf

–Sheriff, currently held by Doug Rader

–Surveyor, currently held by Rick Kemp

In addition to these positions, the Tri-Lakes area will also have state representative seats up for election: District 155, currently held by Karla Eslinger; District 138, currently held by Brad Hudson; and District 156, which will be an open seat because the current holder of the seat, Jeff Justus, is unable to run again due to term limits.

The area also will select a new state senator because current Senator David Sater is also facing term limits.

The filing period for state candidates is the same as county candidates.

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