Taney County Partnership presented their year-end 2019 report to the Branson Board of Aldermen at their Feb. 11 meeting.

According to their website, Taney County Partnership is a public/private partnership focused on economic development efforts in Taney County. The Partnership focuses on addressing the needs and opportunities of new and existing business, expanding businesses, fostering workforce development and supporting an entrepreneurial culture while advocating for a business-friendly climate throughout the region.

At year end for 2019, Taney County Partnership announced new capital investment of $4.6 million with 26 active projects and 12 new projects in the works. Their two announced 2019 projects were Nature’s Wonders and Evergreen Estates.

According to the release, these two projects are creating more than 20 new jobs with an estimated payroll of more than $620,000. Stats for 2019 wasn’t the only information Taney County Partnership released.

Since 2012, Taney County Partnership has announced 29 projects, 738 new jobs, with new payroll estimated around $18.2 million. The announced capital investment is $535 million, the capital investment under construction is $136.3 million and the capital investment completed is $128.7 million.

According to the release, Taney County Partnership’s 2019-2021 action plan is business-industry attraction and marketing (“asset based development”), business retention and expansion (“year-round economy”) and workforce development (“talent development, retention and attraction).

Taney County Partnership is also focusing on Taney County Career Days on March 3-5, (re)certified work ready communities (CWRC), Imagine Branson (newsletter) stories, J1 Visa work  programs, H-2B visa non-immigrant program, Puerto Rico worker recruitment and the Community Workforce Summit on Jan. 28.

To learn more about Taney County Partnership visit their website at TaneyCountyPartnership.com & OnPointMO.com.

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