Angelia Huels (left) hugging Lisa Weeks, a cancer patient from Branson West, who travels five days a week to the cancer center to receive treatment. Weeks will benefit from this grant.

Skaggs Foundation has received a grant to supply funding for fuel cards to benefit cancer patients facing transportation challenges. 

Skaggs Foundation was selected as one of eight recipients by the Table Rock Lake Community Foundation and received a $1,000 grant to purchase fuel cards for cancer patients who, otherwise, could not afford travel costs to get to and from vital appointments.

“A patient told us that she didn’t realize anyone really cared that she had cancer and now finds out that there are people here who are trying to help her,” said Angelia Huels, RN and patient navigator at CoxHealth Cancer Center Branson. “When a patient receives a fuel card, we see their faces change from stress to surprise or a deep sigh of relief.”

The Table Rock Lake Community Foundation awarded $17,487 to area organizations dedicated to improving the lives of people living in Stone and Southeast Barry counties.

“Cancer is a terrible diagnosis that puts a huge strain on individuals physically, mentally and financially,” says Mindy Honey, director of community relations for Skaggs Foundation. “Some patients are traveling to the cancer center as much as five days a week for eight weeks, so the cost associated with travel to and from appointments alone can be a huge burden. These fuel cards are a simple way we can alleviate some of that burden.”

“I had a patient share last week that they parked their car, gas tank on empty, and didn’t know what they were going to do but just had to get here for treatment. Most patients and families are afraid if they don’t get treatment they are going to die, and to think they don’t have gas to get here only makes that fear worse,” said Huels. “We hear how the fuel card will help them get here for cancer treatment, otherwise they might have to cancel their treatment appointment.”

According to a press release from the Skaggs Foundation, the foundation was able to purchase 50 fuel cards at $20 each, meaning as many as 50 cancer patients could benefit from this gift.

“These fuel cards go to patients who otherwise likely would not be able to get to treatment,” said Honey. “At Skaggs Foundation, we are blessed to have the opportunity to work with caring organizations like Table Rock Lake Community Foundation who are able to provide the funding for these fuel cards so that patients don’t have to wonder if they will be able to make it to treatment.”

According to the release, the primary role of the Table Rock Lake Community Foundation is to establish endowed funds for the purpose of funding a community grant-making program, which addresses the most important needs of the community at any given time. 

This flexibility is made possible by charitable donors who have established funding programs and have placed the decision-making action in the hands of community leaders serving on the TRLCF board of directors.

Other grants awarded by the Table Rock Lake Community Foundation include:

–Boys & Girls Club of the Ozarks – Reeds Spring Unit, $2,972 for a Cents of Pride Store

–CCUMC – Harvest Community Garden, $2,500 to support community garden projects

–Galena High School Public Health Class, $3,000 for costs associated with providing Biology of Public Health Course

–Kimberling Area Senior Center, $815 to replace a freeze-proof faucet

–Pregnancy Life Line, $1,700 to purchase Pack and Plays for a safe sleep program

–SKITS, $3,000 for a beltpack system

–Tri-Lakes Humane Society, $2,500 to build a dog walking area


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