The Brook Wellness Center in Branson is currently hosting its inaugural Warm Coat Donation Drive. 

Area residents are invited to drop off their new or gently used cold weather apparel, including coats, jackets, beanie hats, stocking caps, scarves, gloves, mittens and socks. 

Items can be in any size for children or for adults. 

The Brook Wellness Center is a not-for-profit 501c3, state certified, faith based, intensive outpatient drug and alcohol center. 

The Brook offers various evidence-based treatment programs and provides a peaceful place for patients to encounter spiritual, mental and physical wellness to help them overcome their addictions.

Rosie Robinson, president of The Brook, said they are currently doing a lot of fundraising to raise money for a recovery house. Robinson said, in the meantime, they felt like they could go ahead and begin meeting some of the other needs their clients struggle with.

“Some of them have been saying that my children (are) not going to have coats. Not begging, not asking us, but just comments and things that they’ve said, so we decided to put a coat drive together,” said Robinson. “We got together with the board and said ‘You know what, while we’re doing these fundraiser events for our recovery house, we’re also going to take care of their needs right now.’

“This is not just for our clients. Obviously, if we have more, we’re going to obviously share with the community. We just want for them all to be blessed.”

Robinson said Mercy has already pledged a donation of about 50 coats for their drive. 

All of the collected winter item donations will be given away on Sept. 4. 

“We want to help with adults and children. Scarfs and hats and everything wintry, big socks. Whatever it is that they need, because there is a lot of children especially that struggle with our clients,” said Robinson. “They’re trying to help themselves through their recovery and we want to be able to help the children and them. 

“So that’s the reason for the coat drive.”     

Robinson also said, when they say they are looking for donations of ‘new or gently used items,’ that is exactly what they mean.

“We don’t want it if it’s broken. If it’s torn, please don’t bring it. We want to be able to give them the best. We don’t want to give them trash,” Robinson said. “That’s the spirit of excellence that we deal with. If it has been gently used. If it has been used a few times and in very good condition or new. Whichever one.”

Some of the outpatient treatment programs provided by The Brook include peer support, life skill education classes, cognitive behavioral therapy, family support groups and individual and group counseling. Robinson said she also has another reason for wanting to host this coat drive for the community.

“If they come to the Brook to collect their coats, they might be somebody who’s struggling with something,” said Robinson. “We would be able to tell them about our program, and they’ll see that we’re here to share love with them. 

“It’s not about judging them, and they’ll say ‘I need help. I need to join the program.’ They’ll start and they’ll experience that love, because it’s all about love.”

Robinson added that they don’t have any coat racks at the moment and are accepting coat rack donations, as well. Donations can be dropped off at the center, at 895 State Highway 248, Suite C, in Branson.

For information on the services The Brook provides, or for more on the coat drive call 417-527-8877 or visit

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