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A Branson Airport employee was recently honored with a 10-Year Length of Service Award by the National Weather Service in Springfield.

Branson Airport Deputy Director of Operations Jesse Fosnaugh was presented the award for his work as a cooperative observer and utilization of an observation station at the airport. Fosnaugh was presented the award by National Weather Service Meteorologist-in-Charge Kelsey Angle at a special ceremony in Springfield, according to a press release from the Branson Airport.

The NWS Cooperative Observer Program, or Coop, is the nation’s weather and climate observing network of, by and for the people. More than 8,700 volunteers take observations on farm, in urban and suburban areas, National Parks, seashores and mountaintops, the release stated.

The Coop was created in 1980 under the Organic Act.  

Under its two-fold mission, the act firstly provides observational meteorological data, usually consisting of the daily maximum and minimum temperatures, snowfall and 24-hour precipitation totals required to define the climate of the nation and measure long-term climate changes. 

The act also provides observational meteorological data in near real-time to support forecasts, warnings and other public service programs on the NWS, according to the press release.

The Branson Airport uses an Automated Weather Observing System certified by the FAA, as well as a calibrated rain gauge to report the weather, the release stated. 

To learn more about the NWS Coop Program visit weather.gov/coop.

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