Haliena Brown is one of five students in the United States to be selected as a National Afterschool Youth Ambassador.

A Hollister High School student has been chosen as a National Afterschool Youth Ambassador to represent the state of Missouri.

Haliena Brown, a junior at Hollister High School, is one of five students in the United States to be selected for this position.

Brown was nominated by Spanish teacher and Tiger Academy Site Director Katie Scheifelbein.

”I think that Haliena is the best candidate for National Afterschool Youth Ambassador because she displays strong leadership skills in Tiger Academy Art Club by being able to teach others in such a way that makes them feel valued and respected,” said Scheifelbein. “I thought that Haliena was the perfect person for this position because she is always coming up with new ideas on how to improve Art Club and has always been a strong, multifaceted leader in Tiger Academy.

“I think that Haliena will do an amazing job representing our state and district. She has already discussed with me some ideas about what we will talk about on our first conference call with the National Afterschool Alliance representatives and other student ambassadors from across the country.”

Scheifelbein will serve as Brown’s mentor and chaperone throughout the program.

According to the release, as a National Ambassador, Brown will have the opportunity to build leadership skills, public speaking skills and advocacy skills while representing the value and importance of afterschool programs for youth and families in Missouri.  She will attend educational outreach events throughout the year at the state capitol and she will attend the “Afterschool for All Challenge” in Washington D.C.

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