The Hollister Board of Aldermen passed first reading of four ordinances on Sept. 5 that create regulations for any future medical marijuana dispensary facilities or infused medical marijuana product manufacturing facilities that could come into the city of Hollister.

Bill 2019-58 and Bill 2019-59 would amend sections 525.040 and 525.060, for the “C-R” Commercial Retail District and “I-1” Industrial District sign zone regulations, respectively to include medical marijuana dispensary facilities and infused medical marijuana product manufacturing facilities. 

Dispensary or manufacturing facilities that come to Hollister would not be allowed to display marijuana, marijuana paraphernalia or advertisements for any of these items in a way that is visible to the general public for a public right-of-way. Outdoor signage and interior signage for these facilities can not be visible to the general public. Facilities will not be allowed to display any text other than the facility’s business name or trade names, address, phone number and website.

Unless the facilities are supervised by a licensed pharmacist, the name of the business can not include the words pharmacist, pharmacy, apothecary, apothecary shop, chemist shop, drug store, druggist, drugs, consultant pharmacist or any other similar wording.

Facilities will also not be allowed to display the word marijuana or cannabis on any part of the buildings signage and the facility can not utilize images or visual representations of marijuana plants, products or paraphernalia. Off-premise signage for a dispensary or manufacturing facility would also not be permitted.

While the first two ordinances passed dealt with the signage regulations for medical marijuana dispensary facilities and infused medical marijuana product manufacturing facilities, the other two ordinances deal with the zoning areas facilities are allowed to operate in. Bill 2019-60 and Bill 2019-61 would enact a new “Appendix 1” for medical marijuana facilities for “C-R” Commercial Retail zoning areas and enact a new “Appendix 2” for medical marijuana facilities and medical marijuana infused products manufacturing facilities.

The state of Missouri says no facilities can be opened within 1,000 feet of a school, daycare or church, unless that distance is amended by the city a facility operates in. With these two zoning related ordinances, that number has been decreased to 500 feet.

“The state has it where you have 1,000 feet, but if we left it at 1,000 feet, then we would have none anywhere, because of all the churches we have around here and schools,” said Hollister Planning and Building Supervisor Kathy Knight. “So what we’ve done is we decreased it to 500 feet. I do have two locations that have churches that are in the commercial retail and in the industrial park, but I also have a zoning map that shows those areas and (facilities will) have to be 500 feet away.”

Additional regulations will not allow facilities to disburse medical marijuana as part of a promotional event and will only be allowed to be open between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Onsite consumption of medical marijuana, medical marijuana infused products or smoking on the facility premises is prohibited. 

Facilities must meet several conditions before being granted a license to conduct any construction or remodeling and must also meet several health, safety, sanitation and environmental conditions. 

Medical marijuana facilities will only be allowed inside the “C-R: Commercial Retail zoning district, which is located on the east side of US Highway 65. Medical marijuana infused products manufacturing facilities, must be located inside the “I-1”: Industrial zoning district, which would be within Hollister’s Industrial Park area. All four of these ordinance require a second reading before they are passed into law. For additional information on these ordinances contact Kathy Knight with the city of Hollister.

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