The City of Branson issued forced closure notices earlier this week to three local lodging establishments for failure to have a current business license:

The three establishments are the Polar Bear Inn, owned by Lowden Street Properties, at 3545 Arlene Dr.; The Travel Inns, owned by Travel Inn Apartments, located at 251 Expressway Ln.; and the Windmill Inn and Suites, 2425 W 76 Country Blvd.

These businesses now have until January 23 to obtain a business license or will be forced to close their doors.

Under Branson Municipal Code, business owners are required to obtain or renew an annual City of Branson business license and businesses operating without an active business license may be forced to close its doors. 

In order to get a City of Branson lodging business license, all lodging establishments must pass a health inspection by the Taney County Health Department, a fire inspection from the Branson Fire Department, a code inspection by the Branson Police Department, pay all taxes and fees and present their State of Missouri issued lodging license. 

In accordance with city code, the City will provide written notice via certified mail to the mailing address on file and in-person to the business location. 

The City will also post closure notices on the business property, visible to all guests. These notices, issued today, will provide the businesses a minimum of ten working days to remedy any outstanding issues that are preventing the business from obtaining a license. 

The posted and written notices specify the City will enforce the closure starting at 8 a.m. Jan. 23 if the business does not obtain a business license before then.

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