The Starlite Theatre unveiled its latest addition to the 2016 schedule as representatives announced illusionist Rez’s show “Edge of Illusion” will open in March and run through September.

    “It really is exciting and an honor to be performing here at the Starlite Theatre,” the illusionist said. “It’s an amazing venue, and we have an amazing lineup for 2016 and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

    According to Starlite Theatre General Manager Linda Merkling, Reza is “young and fresh,” and his “Edge of Illusion” show will fit in nicely at the venue.

    “We have such a strong roster of entertainers for 2016, and Reza’s show will be an amazing addition to artists such as Nashville country star Billy Dean, Emmy award-winners the Texas Tenors, and many more,” she said. “He is young, new, and exciting, and will be a huge draw for Branson’s family crowds.

    “The Starlite Theatre is thrilled to add a high quality show like ‘Edge of Illusion’ to the incredible summer entertainment, such as ‘Buckets ‘N’ Boards,’ that we already have to offer our guests.”

    The 29-year-old illusionist, originally from Brookings, South Dakota, got into magic at a very early age, and even credits Branson as the reason he became a magician.

    “The reason I always say I owe my career to Branson is because I came here when I was 6 and watched a performer who inspired me,” he said. “I went home and asked my parents for a magic kit, and they would bring me back to Branson every year, and I would just become more and more inspired.”

    The more he worked on his illusions, the more successful he became. Several years later, Reza found himself performing on a Branson stage.

    “When I was 14 I started as an opening act here for a show, then an opportunity came for me to get in a show as a specialty act,” he said. “I did a morning show and an afternoon show, just trying to get as much exposure and experience as possible.

    “Coming back to this town as a performer is a dream come true. I’ve had the opportunity to go a lot of different places, but Branson is very special to me.”

    “Edge of Illusion” will feature mostly original illusions and content, along with humor, charm, and the art of misdirection. The show will also feature exciting dancers and assistants, as well as world class illusions.     He said performing at a venue like the Starlite will allow more possibilities for the show.

    “It’s really great to be in a Branson venue that can support the full show without any kind of compromise,” Reza said. “We’ll be bringing all the big illusions we usually bring to larger theaters and arenas ... but the show is also very interactive, and we’ll have lots of audience participation, and it’s just a good time.

    “Our touring show, which will be very similar to our show here, has aerialists and some variety acts integrated into the illusions. The aim is to make it just as entertaining for 7 year-olds as 27 and 87-year-olds.

    “Branson obviously attracts a wide demographic, so we wanted to make sure the show could play to everyone.”

    Reza is also working on a TV special for a network he’ll “soon be able” to announce, which is slated to be filmed in March.

    Reza’s “Edge of Illusion” opens March 22 and will offer 2 and 7 p.m. shows through through September.

    For a full schedule and information, visit, or call 417-337-9333.

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Another magic show. How innovative.

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