Frank Fritz, left, and Mike Wolfe, also known as “American Pickers,” are planning a trip to Missouri in May and need help locating “rusty gold.”

“American Pickers,” one of the History Channel’s most popular shows, is planning another visit to Missouri this May, and producers are looking for help from locals in Ozark Mountain Country.

The show, which follows Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe as they go antique “picking” across the U.S., offers insight into what it’s like to be on the front lines of the antique industry. The duo is constantly in search of America’s most fascinating and valuable antiques, including treasures that have been long forgotten in junk yards and barns across the country.

The team tracks down unique and interesting items from motorcycles, classic cars and bicycles to one-of-a-kind vintage memorabilia, as well as characters with interesting and unique items.

This is where local residents can help, as producers are looking for leads and would love to explore the buried treasures of local residents. They are only looking for people with large collections, and not folks with just a few items. 

Their favorite picks are from places which feature multiple buildings crammed with lots of “cool stuff,” including movie and music memorabilia, sports memorabilia, items from Missouri’s history, and basically any other oddball, one-of-a-kind, or interesting historical item one can think of.

The pickers do not visit shops, antiques malls, auctions or flea markets.

Some of the items they’re looking for include:


• Motor scooters:


Vespas, Lambretta, Cushman


• Old advertising signage


• Motorcycles


• Bicycles (Pre ‘60s to turn of the century)


• Unusual radios: transistor /Tabletop


• Old toys: tin, wind-up, cast iron


• Pre ‘50s vending machines


• Pinball and slot machines


• Old Movie Posters


• Antique casino/gaming machines


• Vintage movie memorabilia


Vintage advertising Items


• Taxidermy


• Vintage concert posters & T-shirts


• Early Boy Scout items


• Pre ‘60s vintage diner collectibles


• Pre ‘60s TV merchandise


• Pre ‘50s western/equestrian Gear


• Classic motorcycle memorabilia


• Old rodeo items


• Airline collectibles


• Pan-Am, TWA, Etc.


• Late ‘70s & earlier military items


• Extraordinary mobster memorabilia


• Vintage police officer collectibles


• Firefighter collectibles



• Pre ‘40s telephones


• Folk art


• Vintage BB Guns/ Cap Guns


• Early Halloween items


• Pre ‘40s Christmas items


• Hawaiiana/ Tiki Collectibles


• Vintage sports collectibles


• Vintage election Memorabilia


• Musical instruments


• Civil War antiques


• Vintage gas pumps


• Pre ‘70s old neon signs


• Strange woodcarvings


• Vintage collegiate Collectibles


• Casino tables


So if you, or someone you know, has a large, private collection, send your name, phone number, location and description of the collection with photos to americanpickers@cineflix.com, or call 855-653-7878.

“American Pickers” airs weekly on the History Channel. 

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