The Duttons will headline Friday night’s “Branson Country USA” at Grand Country Music Hall.

This weekend’s edition of “Branson Country USA,” set for 10:30 p.m. Friday at the Grand Country Music Hall, will feature members of the Dutton family, stars of “The Dutton Experience” at the Dutton Family Theatre.

Dean and Sheila Dutton were not professional musicians, and had no idea their children would grow up to be accomplished performers. They made the decision to pursue a career in music as a family in 1991, and throughout the past 30 years, the Dutton family performed in all 50 of the United States, and most of the provinces of Canada, traveling millions of miles and giving thousands of concerts. 

During the peak of their touring career, the Duttons performed as many as 250 road dates per year and had four European tours. They were also standout performers on “America’s Got Talent” in season 2, making it into the Top 10.

Today, they own their own theater in Branson, performing more than 300 shows during the season. They also own the hotel, restaurant, and gift shop associated with the theater, as well as another theater in Mesa, Arizona, where they perform from December through April.

Today, their show, “The Dutton Experience,” features three generations of musical performers, and last year, a TV show called “The Duttons Through the Years” debuted on RFD-TV. The TV show covers the family’s 30 year career and includes both new and vintage numbers.

“Branson Country USA” is a weekly radio and TV show, featuring Patrick and Haage as hosts, as well as the New South Quartet, David Ragan, Jon Drockelman, Mark McCauley, Luke Menard, female vocalists Jackie Brown and Melody Hart, and the Grand Band, known locally as the “Rhinestone Mafia,” which features steel guitarist Gene Mulvaney, keyboard player Michael W. Davis, bassist Larry Allred, drummer Rob Blackburn, guitarist Chad Cathell and fiddler Wayne Massengale.

Showtime is 10:30 p.m. Friday at the Grand Country Music Hall.

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