Alan Jackson

Doug “Alan Jackson” Brewin will headline “Branson Country USA” Friday night at the Grand Country Music Hall.

This weekend’s edition of “Branson Country USA,” set for 10:30 p.m. Friday at the Grand Country Music Hall, will feature “Legends in Concert” Alan Jackson tribute atist Doug Brewin.

Brewin got an early start in the music business, and his first attempt at being a professional musician started with a high school band, which he continued to be a member of until he was 35. While Brewin developed his stage presence and musical act with the band, Alan Jackson’s world famous career also started to take off. 

By the time Jackson’s second album came out, people were regularly commenting on Brewin’s uncanny similarity to the country music star. Then, what started as a casual incorporation of Jackson’s songs into Brewin’s band’s act, turned into an audition for “Legends in Concert” in the early 2000s.

Brewin started performing as Alan Jackson at the Las Vegas version of “Legends in Concert” in 2004, and has been doing it ever since. In addition to headlining “Legends” shows across the world as Jackson, Brewin and fellow entertainer Larry Turner also perform a Brooks & Dunn tribute act for “Legends in Concert.”

“Branson Country USA” is a weekly radio and TV show, featuring Patrick and Haage as hosts, as well as the New South Quartet, David Ragan, Jon Drockelman, Mark McCauley, Luke Menard, female vocalists Jackie Brown and Melody Hart, and the Grand Band, known locally as the “Rhinestone Mafia,” which features steel guitarist Gene Mulvaney, keyboard player Michael W. Davis, bassist Larry Allred, drummer Rob Blackburn, guitarist Chad Cathell and fiddler Wayne Massengale.

Showtime is 10:30 p.m. Friday at the Grand Country Music Hall.

Next week’s “Branson Country USA” guests will see Ozarks Bluegrass favorite Pam Setzer Band, a special guest June 21, and Rick Thomas, headliner from “The Magic of Rick Thomas” at the Andy Wiliams Performing Art Center.

Showtime is 10:30 p.m. Friday at the Grand Country Music Hall. Visit for more.

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