After more than six months of construction, tweaking and prep work, one of the year’s most unique and anticipated attractions, the new SnowFlex artificial snow tubing hill at Wolfe Mountain: Zipline and Snowflex Parks, finally opened last week.

“We’re extremely excited we’re finally able to open,” said Wolfe Mountain General Manager Ryan Gdovin. “We got everything set up, done, safe and operational, and it feels good to be ready to go.”

The Snowflex hill is a 300-foot long, year-round snow tubing hill, and is also the largest synthetic tubing hill to use the high-performance snow sports surface in the United States.

“This is actually the same type of synthetic-type of turf the Olympic ski team uses to practice during the summer,” said Trey Pelz, owner and president of Clear Marketing.

The attraction was designed and built by United Kingdom-based Briton Engineering Developments.

Phase one of the Snowflex tubing run allows up to eight tubes to run down the slope simultaneously. The run is designed to give maximum thrills to all ages.

“I really enjoy slides, so I just think this is the greatest thing ever,” he said. “Every single guest I’ve seen come down this has the biggest smile on their face, and their first response is always, ‘I have to do that again.’ There’s nothing else that beats that excitement. Try it once, you’ll be hooked.”

Traditionally a winter-only activity, the Snowflex tubing hill will be available throughout the spring, summer and fall, and will also be lighted for some fun later in the evenings.

“I think it will be the best in the summer months,” he said. “It’s a synthetic surface that keeps up all year round, so you could actual tube, ski and snowboard on it. We even did some snowboarding tests before we opened to see what it would be like.”

While he was non-committal on the park featuring skiing or snowboarding as an option, he said they may host special events where those activities would be available.

When this project was first announced in April, Pelz teased there may be more than just a snow hill in Wolfe Mountain’s future, saying “and they’re not done yet.” When asked what was next, Gdovin also remained coy.

“We definitely built this with other options for the future,” he smiled.

As far as building a 300-foot artificial snow hill in the middle of a zipline course, Gdovin said there was only one word to describe it.

“Genius, that’s all I can say about it,”he said. “This brings together things the whole family can do in one place. The ziplines have weight and age limits, and some of the little kids get scared, but nobody’s afraid of a slide, right? (laughs) Well, most people aren’t, and that allows us to get everyone who visits us involved in the fun.”

Ownership echoed those sentiments.

“We’re thrilled to be able to bring this new experience to the Branson market and cannot wait for our guests and their families to start making memories on the slope,” said Craig Combs, owner of Branson Zipline. “This new addition to our area is just one of the many new and exciting attractions we plan to bring to Wolfe Mountain. Our goal at Branson Ziplines is to create a place for families to experience the Ozarks in a completely new and exciting way.”

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