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Wagens at the Wheel this weekend  

The folks at the Branson Ferris Wheel are again gearing up to host an extremely cool event, Wagens at the Wheel, set for this weekend and spreading across two venues. 

Things kick off Friday night at the Paddlewheel, located at Branson Landing, when local band Mile Zero takes the stage from 7-11 p.m. Mile Zero features Craig Wescott, president and CEO of The Track Family Fun Parks, but you’d never know once he gets into rock star mode.

“We do everything from old cover stuff like the Eagles, to songs no one has heard except me,” Wescott told me. “Somehow or another, we bring good music to the stage ... I think we have more fun than anyone else in the place while we’re playing.”

In addition to live music, the Paddlewheel will also provide parking for parking for the Volkswagens, and this event is open to everyone.

Saturday morning, the action shifts to the Branson Ferris Wheel for the “Show and Shine,” where dozens of “exclusively Volkswagen vans and cars” will be set up for all to enjoy. 

Plus, there’s a special discounted price on tickets for the Branson Ferris Wheel. 

The “Show and Shine” kicks off at 10 a.m., runs until 3 p.m. and is free to attend. 

There will also be “giggle boxes” on site for face painting, balloon animals & more.

This is always a cool event to attend, and I’m stoked it’s expanding to two days across two venues.

Titanic Flashlight Tours wrap Saturday

The folks at Branson’s Titanic Museum and Attraction will host the final  “Night at the Titanic Museum Flashlight Tour” Saturday at 9 p.m.

In addition to taking place after normal business hours, and in the dark, the “flashlight tours” also give groups their own personal Titanic crew member, who guides the way while “shedding light” on a maze of Titanic myths, mysteries, legends and facts.

“You know, a lot of people have asked us over the years if the museum is anything like the movie ‘Night at the Museum,’ do the things come alive at night?” 1st Class Maid and Official Spokesperson for the Titanic Museum Attraction Jamie Terrell told me last year when I attended the first “Night” tours. “This is something that’s brand new, that we’ve never done before. It’s after hours, and features a guided tour, which is unusual because usually it’s a self-guided tour. For these tours, there will be about 20 guests, armed with their complimentary Titanic flashlight, alone in the museum, with the lights dimmed. 

“We as the crew can show you several special things that I can guarantee you’d never, ever see during the regular daytime tour.”

According to Terrell, once they decided to host the “Flashlight Tours,” the crew excitedly shared some of their most favorite, and most hidden aspects of the museum. 

“We know where the nooks and crannies are, where the behind-the-scenes things are,” Terrell said. “We get to go there when we’re working, and now, we get to take you with us and share all the myths, legends, mysteries and ‘I wonder whats’ that everyone always asks.”

In addition to adding something new to the Titanic experience, many folks became interested in the “after hours” goings on in the museum when it was featured on the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures,” which aired last year.

“We have over 400 real artifacts, real things that belonged to the people who were on the Titanic, and I’ve seen, (pauses) a lot over the years,” Terrell said with a laugh. “Let me tell you what, when the lights go down at the Titanic Museum, things start to, uh, happen, but I must say, anything I’ve ever experienced hasn’t been malevolent or scary. 

“The Travel Channel doesn’t just pack up and come if there’s nothing to it, but at the end of the day, it was nice to be validated by professionals as far as what I’ve known all along.”

The Branson Titanic Museum Attraction is one of the most fun and educational things to do in the area, and I had a great time when I attended last year.

I’d be willing to bet this final event will fill up quickly, so make plans now.

Visit for more information.

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