More than 500 community business prepresentatives attended this year’s Rock It Rally! event at Showboat Branson Belle Tuesday morning.

Rock It Rally! is an annual event sponsored by Ozark Mountain Legacy and area chambers of commerce in which area business owners come together to learn how to better serve visiting guests. Ozark Mountain Legacy is an organization that strives to promote the Ozark Mountain spirit by championing family, faith, friends, flag and future.

This year’s theme was “Rock it Like the Wind,” and featured speaker Terri Tucker presenting on topics relating to customer service such as customer policy, satisfaction, connection and appreciation.

“The wind is powerful. It carries birds, airplanes, boats ... it carries into all four corners of the world, and yet, the secret about the wind is we never see it,” Tucker said.

“It doesn’t take the center stage. That’s kinda like what we do as people in the customer service industry, as people in the entertainment industry, as people in customer experience industry. It’s really not about us, it’s about those who serve,” Tucker said.

Raffle tickets to win prizes were handed out over the course of the event to those who shared stories, answered questions, and cheered. Prizes included gift cards to restaurants, and gift certificates to a variety of businesses.

There was musical entertainment as raffle tickets were given out to give participants a chance to win one of many prizes.

Tucker taught a new phrase to be used when a business exceeds a customer’s expectations. “‘Bliss out’ is the new ‘wow,’” she said. “‘Bliss out’ is what you say when somebody has hit a home run in the customer service world.

“Now bliss out is the evolution to the highest form of customer service today that I know of,” Tucker said.

The wind will not stop at the rally. Tucker said 2016 Legacy training classes will be centered around the wind theme.

“We will teach everybody in those classes how to welcome the customer with a connection mindset, how to invite them to play ... navigate the experience, which carrying them through the seven stages of the customer experience, and then deliver that promise,” Tucker said.

Toward the end of the event, Keeter Center employees demonstrated a typical staff meeting that takes place twice a day.

“They hit their values, they hit their, ‘what’s our occupancy, who’s in our house.’ And they share stories about bringing their mission to life,” Tucker said.

The last activity involved participants constructing paper airplanes under the direction of Maj. Chuck Stone.

“What we’re symbolically going to do is to launch all of our hopes and dreams by using this symbolic airplane to make Branson great,” Stone said.

After launching paper airplanes, dancers from Premiere Dance Academy performed a tap routine closing the event.

According to its website, Ozark Mountain Legacy identifies faith as one of its values. The site states “We recognize a strong faith is a common thread throughout Ozark Mountain Country.”

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