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For the General Municipal Election on Tuesday, June 2, the residents of Hollister will be given the choice between long-time incumbent mayor David G. Tate or business owner Blake Bryan Swindall.


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Greetings my Loyal Reader(s), and welcome to the latest edition of the Branson Beat, your home for all the news on the Branson entertainment scene.


Do you think residents of Forsyth – and other cities – should be allowed to raise chickens?

In recent months, the city of Forsyth has twice rejected calls to allow residents to raise chickens in the city limits. Do you think cities and towns, like Forsyth, should allow the raising of chickens, providing there are adequate restrictions? (Typical restrictions prohibit roosters, and limit hens to no more than six.)

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I’ve never been one to act as though I could predict the future. But the state of the current pandemic really has me throwing my hands up in the air even more than usual.

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