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Even though the Branson live show scene is full effect, that doesn’t mean there isn’t activity in the “Branson Shuffle,” the unofficial name for entertainers and shows changing venues from season to season. Late last week, word broke the Blackwood family would be calling the Americana Theatr…


Do you think residents of Forsyth – and other cities – should be allowed to raise chickens?

In recent months, the city of Forsyth has twice rejected calls to allow residents to raise chickens in the city limits. Do you think cities and towns, like Forsyth, should allow the raising of chickens, providing there are adequate restrictions? (Typical restrictions prohibit roosters, and limit hens to no more than six.)

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I saw a post that said since the year 2000, every professional sports franchise that is – or was – in Missouri has won a championship. The Rams in 2000, the Cardinals in 2006 and 2011, the Royals in 2015, the Blues in 2019 and now the Chiefs in 2020. 

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